Dec 13-16 2012



Taking the baton from the Causeway Scrabble Challenge, the largest and most prestigious Scrabble tournament held in Malaysia for the past 10 years, the Pesta Pulau Pinang Scrabble Championship (PPPSC) 2012 is be the Malaysia's newest addition to the calendar of international Scrabble tournaments. Players are expected to participate in the battle for prize money totaling up to RM50,000 with a top prize of USD6,000 in the Masters Division. This will continue in the future as an annual event.
The 2012 PPSC is taking place at the Eastin Hotel Penang. We have nearly 100 competitors from many countries. Players compete in two sections, MASTERS (33 rounds) and INTERMEDIATE (30 rounds),based on WESPA ratings. This mini website allows you to follow the fortunes round by round. I am sure you will be able to navigate easily between round by round displays or even the score card of an individual (by clicking on their name).


Players arrived and registered on the night before the tournament starts. Organisers Dr Adele Tan and Tan Kee Chiang (known as KC), made sure that everything was ready to go, and that most players had arrived. A few will arrive on late flights. The computer boffin and assistant tournament director, Barry Harridge prepared a first version of the pairings and posted them to PENSTER, the website of the Malaysian Scrabble Association. It is of course possible that this may be amended on the Thursday morning if necessary. It is pleasing to note that several of the players from the recently concluded World Youth Scrabble Championship are here, including the top three, Michael McKenna, Cheong Yi Wei and William Kang. There are other youth and 'once were youth' players as well. And of course we have many hardy veterans as well.


Roving reports from Suanne Ong
The tournament will be directed by Eddie Chung, with assistance from Barry Harridge. Other helpers have been recruited to help with data entry, annotating games and preparing them for uploading to the crosstables archive of annotated games. In the results of a round you will see a picture of a board with an arrow when there is an annotated game. Click this and you will see the game as archived on the crosstables website.
Barry Harridge is co-director of this tournament and is dealing with the software for pairing players and showing the progress to the world by this website.
Barry explained the pairing scheme that will be used for the tournament.

Annotated games

A team of annotators carefully noted the racks and the plays of usually the top two tables each round. Another two helpers entered these into Quackle to produce a gcg report, which was then uploaded to
There are bound to be mistakes, for which we apologise, and we will try to implement a mechanism to allow us to fix these.
01Jackkrit KlaphajoneCameron Farlow
01Alastair RichardsMohammed Sulaiman
02Thacha KoowiratRicky Purnomo
03Komol PanyasoponlertRicky Purnomo
04Marlon PrudencioSam Kantimathi
05Russell HoneybunPakorn Nemitrmansuk
05Nigel RichardsThacha Koowirat
06Russell HoneybunNigel Richards
07Nigel RichardsPakorn Nemitrmansuk
08Thacha KoowiratShanker Menon
09Nigel RichardsThacha Koowirat
10Thacha KoowiratRicky Purnomo
11Nigel RichardsChollapat Itthiaree
11Thacha KoowiratPakorn Nemitrmansuk
12Chollapat ItthiareeThacha Koowirat
12Komol PanyasoponlertNigel Richards
13Nigel RichardsHubert Wee
13Gerry CarterThacha Koowirat
14Nigel RichardsGerry Carter
14Pakorn NemitrmansukAlastair Richards
16Pakorn NemitrmansukCheong Yi Wei
16Nigel RichardsTaewan Sutthasin
18Nigel RichardsAkkarapol Kwansak
18Cheong Yi WeiNigel Richards
20Nigel RichardsGerry Carter
Gerry CarterThacha Koowirat
Nigel RichardsAlastair Richards
Komol PanyasoponlertGerry Carter
Gerry CarterSam Kantimathi
Chollapat ItthiareeNigel Richards
Jakkrit KlaphajoneGerry Carter
Ricky PurnomoThacha Koowirat
Thacha KoowiratGerry Carter
Gerry CarterNigel Richards
Gerry CarterPakorn Nemitrmansuk
Nigel RichardsKomol Panyasoponlert
Pakorn NemitrmansukTaewan Sutthasin
Thacha KoowiratNigel Richards
Hubert WeeNigel Richards
Taewan SutthasinGerry Carter
Hubert WeeTaewan Sutthasin
Taewan SutthasinNigel Richards
Gerry CarterHubert Wee
Nigel RichardsTaewan Sutthasin
Pakorn NemitrmansukCheong Yi Wei
Pakorn NemitrmansukJakkrit Klaphajone
Pakorn NemitrmansukGerry Carter
Alastair RichardsNigel Richards
Pakorn NemitrmansukNigel Richards
Thacha KoowiratShanker Menon
Ricky PurnomoPakorn Nemitrmansuk
Thacha KoowiratGerry Carter
Alastair RichardsPakorn Nemitrmansuk
Gerry CarterJakkrit Klaphajone
Thacha KoowiratPakorn Nemitrmansuk
Gerry CarterAlastair Richards