Alchemist Cup 2020 Selection Criteria

[Premier Division - Top 5 of every country participating]
  1. Participant must be an MSA member
  2. A minimum of 70 games played from 1st October 2019 until the cut-off at MSA Nationals 2020 (which is a compulsory to participate in). The 70 games played are to be in Open Category whereby there is no threshold among players. e.g. category  not limited by age or rating
  3. The 70 games must either be rated locally by MSA or rated internationally by WESPA [limit of 25 games for international circuit]. International circuit means events that are played outside of Malaysia.  
  4. The team members would include the Nationals Champion [provided he/she meets the other criterions] followed by the top 4 highest rated in Malaysia upon Nationals 2020 ratings update. 
  5. Final team subjected to MSA's approval.